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Goal and Context of DARK AGENT board game :

At the head of a secret service, you use your spy satellites (tokens of your color) to coordinate attacks on targets that you designate to your agents : - Objectives (tiger), Sentinel (gray), enemies Agents (their color), or the Dark Agent (black) you win all their victory points when capturing them and place them in front of you; - Equipment (object in a white disk), single use, are taken over to be used and discarded later; - Special actions (red with no points) Are resolved immediately and remain in place.

One or more of your agents can attack a target only if your satellites lets you see both your agents and the target.

When players have had them all, the number of captured target agreed early in the game (2 to 5 on the 5 available), it ends. You can add the capture of the Dark Agent as a further condition endgame.

The player accumulating the most points wins. He adds the points of his agents still on the ground. Also note that each time a player wins an aim, he takes the bonus 3 PV token to its previous owner.

Unplayed nations are used as neutral nations.

Equipment cards effects

Adrenaline  : Boost an agent with a bonus equal to his basic level

Binoculars  : add two markers 'attempts' on an aim, then it's easier to attack it

Bulletproof jacket  : Gives you invulnerability till a missed attack. Must be used before attack with at least a spy selected. Can be used for Defense, after dice result in case one of your spy is attacked (then Discarded).

Explosives  : Allow to attack protected aims (with sentinel or enemy spy around)

Jet-pack  : You can exchange place of one of your spy with the place of an opponent spy or a sentinel.

Rifle  : Add +2 to all your attack, and allow you to attack one sentinel (spotted or not), wherever on the TDO (theater of operations). Allow you to re-attack a sentinel by this way.

Rocket launcher  : Use before attack, allow to change a dice on each attack (to get a six for example). One spy must be selected before using this equipment

Rubber dinghy (boat) : Use this equipment to send a spy on the TDO, you must have an free square available on the TDO to do this (where the spy will land)

Sat-laptop  : This Laptop will allow you to use a satellite from other players to spot a new square on the TDO. Cannot be used for neutral sat, except in 1-player game. Cannot be used twice the same row in the same turn.

Permanent power of Aims

Prisoner : Once by turn, exchange place of one of your spy with an enemy (dark agent, opponent spy or sentinel)

Scientist : All of your spies get invulnerability

Nuclear deterrence  : All your attacks get +2 bonus

Control Center : All your satellites are supers-satellites

Briefcase : One more vote FOR if you vote FOR the peace

Game tactics :

This game is rich of tactical and strategic possibilities. Players can take the game in hand before the first three plays. It has many strenghs :

- Game duration could be calibrated (2 players / aim, the game lasts less than 10 minutes).

- Play turns are smooth, even with 6 players (calibrated in duration with the number of aims to win in order to make a short/long play)

- The single player mode is a real challenge and allows to understand the mechanisms.

- There are many strategies and many ways to win.


Youtube tutorials are available : search spacereindeers, or go to link DarkAgent